Hi everyone,

My name is Monica and I live in the not always sunny Sunshine State.

2 years ago I decided to start baking as a part-time business in addition to my regular job as a bartender at one of the area’s most popular beach restaurants & clubs. I have now been making the key-lime pie for this same restaurant for almost a year and a half and my small biz is keeping me pretty busy on a regular basis. Eventually, I hope to be able to bake on a full-time basis. After 20+ years in the bar & restaurant business I am slowly coming to the realization that I may want to explore other endeavours. I know I would miss the social interaction and all the great & interesting albeit sometimes crazy people I have met while in this business, but it is also very gratifying to have someone thoroughly enjoy something you made from scratch.

I am extremely lucky to be happily married to a wonderful, supportive and adorable man that makes me laugh everyday. Did I mention that he’s a fantastic cook and does laundry and dishes? I know, you hate me now!

Trust me, I do know how lucky I am to be sharing the past 15 years with my best friend Bill and he has been so very supportive of my newest venture. He is always willing to lend his expert palate as a taste tester (I know, I know it’s a tough job ) or be the top dish washer or run errands with me.  But most importantly no matter what we are always a team.


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