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Happy 2 Year Anniversary & Raspberry Bombe Day

Happy 2 Year Anniversary & Raspberry Bombe Day

2 years ago today I got the crazy notion that people would want to buy the baked goods that I love to create.  Luckily it seems I was right and my part-time business was born.

I am happy to find out that my anniversary coincides with Raspberry Bombe Day!  It may not be a baked dessert but one that is delish none the less and incorporates my love for peaches & raspberries (both that are a plenty right now) and is perfect for this hot August weather.  This is definitely a “make ahead” kind of dessert, you won’t be whipping this up at the last minute unless you have some monster blast freezer in your kitchen but it will be worth a little planning on your part.  The raspberry sauce with Grand Marnier sounds divine.  Who am I kidding? anything with Grand Marnier in it sounds divine to me.

This would be a terrific dessert for your end of summer labor day party too. I live in Florida so for us “end of summer” is usually around Thanksgiving but you get the idea.

 I found this recipe via www.gooddayasheville.com and it’s from the 1989 issue of Southern Living.

If you plan to have the kiddies also enjoy this cool treat, I would simmer the sauce for a few minutes to cook out the alcohol from the Grand Marnier and then let it cool or just reserve some   sauce before adding the liquor.

I hope you enjoy!






1 (16- ounce) package of frozen unsweetened peaches, thawed and drained ( I use fresh when in season)

1 (8-ounce)carton sour cream

½ c grenadine

½ gallon vanilla ice cream, softened

Vegetable cooking spray

Raspberry Sauce (below)

Fresh raspberries

Fresh Mint sprigs



In a food processor, process peaches until smooth. Add sour cream and grenadine; process until well blended.

Combine peach mixture and ice cream in a mixing bowl; beat a low speed with an electric mixer until well blended. Pour mixture into an 111 cup mold (or bunt pan, or jello mold, or any large bowl with an interesting shape) that has been coated with cooking spray. Cover and freeze for 8 hours or until mixture is firm.

Tow hours before serving, using the tip of a knife, loosen the edges from the mold. Invert mold onto chilled serving plate. Wrap a warm towel around the mold for 30 seconds.  Shake gently and slowly lift off mold. Return Bombe to freezer.

Garnish with raspberry sauce, raspberries and mint. 12 servings


Raspberry Sauce


1 (16 ounce) package of frozen unsweetened raspberries, thawed and drained ( I use fresh when in season)

¾c light corn syrup

¼c Grand Marnier

Process raspberries in food processor until smooth. Strain out seeds if desired. Stir in syrup and Grand Marnier.